​Save Earth Project

​Help give back to the planet!

save earth

​We are asking for your help to save the earth here is exactly what we are doing

Buying Land

75% of Earth's Land Areas Are Degraded 

​we are buying land to do give back to the earth and protecting as much of the planet as we can.

​Repair The Land

​Millions of acres of land have been contaminated by pesticides, improperly handled chemicals, dirty energy projects, toxic waste, and other pollutants in the United States and Canada. This toxic legacy impacts the environment, our health, our watersheds, and land that could otherwise be used to grow healthy local food and medicines. Conventional clean-up techniques employed by government and industry are tremendously expensive and resource-intensive and can cause further damage. More and more communities find themselves increasingly unable to rely on those companies and governments who created the problems to step in and provide solutions.

​Plant, Make The Land Sustanable

Growing Plants that Help the Environment

​Plant, Plant and Plant Some More

One of the easiest ways that people can reduce pollution on an individual level is by growing plants that help the environment. Creating more green material helps to purify the air, which leads toward a cleaner planet through the reduction of the effects of pollution. The benefits of all things green is undeniable. The increase of flora (trees, shrubs, herb gardens, house plants, vegetable crops, and decorative flowers) does actually help to reduce pollution.


Globally, only 5% of the natural lands at high risk of development are protected. Demands on land and water continue to increase, so we must do more, faster.